Hassan Al-Herbi has many skills and certificates. We have divided the list into four parts:

  1. Traffic
  2. Car Technician
  3. Logistics, Transport & Dangerous goods
  4. Working safe
  5. Sales & Administration

Please follow the links to each part for quick navigation through this page.


2007-11-05Heavy equipment safety adviser Fork & reach truck
2012-07-27RMA Road Marshall adviser Road Marshall Adviso
2013-02-15RPH Recognising potential hazardous Recognising Dangerous  Situations
2013-08-29ADR European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, on water and the sky transport of chemicals
2010-06-06WRM diploma Driving instructor/ mentor of a car, Bus, Truck Driving instructor license 
2012-08-10Working safely at the road Strategic traffic controller
2013-03-21Urban management/ School area Traffic developement
2012-07-26Tire specialist Knowledge of Tires
2013-04-13Incident management Incident Management
2012-07-24Het nieuwe rijden Environmentally conscious  driving
2013-11-07HAZID  Hazard Identification Legislation
2012-07-19Het dialyse ABC Driving Dialysis Patients
2012-07-20Het FiTsystem PRO Transport of people of special needs
2012-07-22Rij- en rusttijden ABC Rest period for drivers hours
2012-08-10Veilig werken aan de weg Veilig werken aan het spoor Work safely at the road   and work safely at the rail







Het strepen ABC

Faalangst Instructeur

Alcohol, drugs and medicine

Autisme and ADHD

Road markings and signs

Fear of failure instructor

driving under the influence of drugs and/medicine

Rising motor skills and reducing difficulties with multitasking for autistic person

Logistics, Transport & Dangerous goods

2013-10-02ATEX 137 principles of protection in explosive atmospheres ATEX 95 tools/ equipment use in explosive atmospheres. HAZID/SIL ATEX
2013-10-08PSG 15 storage packed dangerous substance Storage of Dangerous  Goods
2013-10-28Toets besloten terrein Maneuvring with a truck
2013-11-01Praktische toets Driving truck on all kinds  of roads
2013-11-01Logistiek praktische toets Managing Logistic
2013-11-07Risk Assessment Logistics Risk Assessment /Logistics

Working safely

2013-09-09VCA Elementof Safety at work with petrochemicalsVCA
2013-04-13IM Incident management HAZID/HAZOPRoad Incident Management
2005-08-29BHV Emergency Response OfficerEmergency Response Officer
2012-10-12EHBO Senior First Aid(BLS), (ACLS) / AED operator
 23-06-2014Work safely at the road/ railSupport and safety staff

Sales & Administration

 10-09-2008Diploma Salesman of Electronic Canon verkoop training
2002-02-19Diploma Handling Conflicts Criminaliteitsbeheersing
2013-09-04Coaching of staff Coaching & Feedback
2013-11-08Logistic Administrative Supply of electronic goods
 2013-11-08Gevaarlijke stoffen als administratie How to evacute a workplace
2012-07-24Het calamiteiten ABCHet calamiteiten ABC
2012-10-10Planning and dispatchingPlanning and dispatching
2012-10-24Kinderen in de taxiDriving disabled children
2012-10-24Stadsregio ABC Different passangers,  different handeling